Saturday, February 10, 2018

A damp Saturday afternoon...

I started to tie a few gaucho interweave knots around the grooves of my orange tactical pen this morning, using some black 0.9mm string, but the first one was giving me some grief with my eyes not wanting to focus on the work.  So, I untied the one I'd finished and may try again later when my peepers are being more cooperative.

The photo is of my edc pocket dump this rainy and foggy (thus damp) February afternoon.  I added another long Turk's head paracord lanyard to the mental to-do list, maybe a three bight, something in green...

Monday, February 05, 2018

Paracord assembly line...

Well, sort of an assembly line, but tied whenever my hands permit, and aren't aching/cramping up, meaning one done every few days.

Since tax time is coming up and bills are always around the corner, I started putting together some edc keychain lanyard pouches, using olive drab 95/Type I paracord, spool knit just like the one I personally edc most of the time, to keep keys, multitools, flashlight, and whatnot quiet and organized in my pocket, and prevent pointy edge gadgets from poking holes in my pocket and/or leg, lol...

I may see what items in the gadget drawer collection can be added to them, then perhaps sell them on ebay, or maybe straight from my Facebook page to avoid the ever rising ebay fees, but shipping costs and paypal fees still take a chunk out of whatever they sell for...

FURA Outdoor Tactical Oxford Coin Purse Key BagFURA Outdoor Tactical Oxford Coin Purse Key Bag

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Everyday Carry (EDC) Pocket Dump for a Tuesday...

Tuesday morning's EDC (everyday carry) pocket dump after a grocery store run:

* Paracord bracelet with medic alert tag

* XTAR Venus WK16 LED flashlight with 1.4mm cord wrist lanyard

* Victorinox Tinker Swiss Army Knife with spool knit 1.4mm cord lanyard

* Spyderco Salt I pocket knife with paracord fob

* Citizen Promaster watch with two-ring zulu watchband

* Kershaw tactical pen
* pocket square/handkerchief

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

RGB lanyard...

I bought a new Nato type watch band, one of those 'Bond' variant designs with a red, green, and black pattern, and wanted an EDC lanyard with similar colors to match, using what cordage I had available.

I first took a gutted length of olive drab paracord and attached a spring gate clip at one end, sewing the cord to itself completing a small loop attachment, then ran the other end around the snap hook ring and tied a lanyard/diamond knot, for a fixed lanyard length of about two ft. long.

I used about 17 feet of red 1.4mm cord for the Solomon bar/Portuguese sinnet/cobra stich over the paracord, then went back with some 0.9mm black cord for stitching along the inner sides of the lanyard.  All of that took entirely too long, as in hours, lol, but I kept with it until finished.

Unfortunately, during the construction phase, there was a massive catastrophic failure of my favorite hemostats.  So I found myself observing a moment of silence for the loss.

I have other hemostats, but these were the ones used most often since they had good narrow tips for getting into tight spaces when pushing/pulling cord with knotty projects, serving me for a good dozen years or so.  They will be missed.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Rotating the January EDC...

I've been rotating the everyday carry (EDC) recently, using a few different simple spool knit lanyards, two and three peg versions with 1.4mm and 2mm sized mini blind string and some of my SAKs (Swiss Army Knives).

Friday, December 15, 2017

A Celtic Cross

It's been a long while since I tried tying one of these Celtic Crosses.  I used some scrap lengths of olive drab 550 paracord and black 425 paracord, with a loop of 0.9mm cord as a hanger.

The last time I recall attempting one was after seeing knot tying friend, Ken, post an example on his blog back in 2009.

For that first time, instead of paracord, I'd used some cheap flimsy craft cord that felt like yarn and the knot kept twisting and collapsing when I was tightening up the slack, so I grew aggravated with it and put it on the 'to do later' list, which ended up being much later, lol.

The finished Celtic cross knot is flat, like a mat type knot, so it doesn't lend itself well to use as a lanyard or fob for a knife/flashlight/zipper pull, especially with larger diameter cord, but it does make a nice Christmas tree ornament, or hung from a cabinet pull, vehicle rear view mirror, or similar method of display.  Done in smaller cord, it works well as a necklace pendant.

I'd tied my example from looking at a finished one, where it's not too difficult to see the pattern with two different contrasting cord colors, laying out one, then interweaving the other, then doubling and gradually working the slack out, taking care to keep the desired shape and not over tighten.

A quick search brought up a few online tutorials for the Celtic Cross, one here, another here, and then another.  I'm not sure what book the Celtic cross may have originally been found in...

Merry Christmas!

And I'd found an unfinished project, where I'd tied a long four bight Turk's head knot, doubled, with 3/32" tether cord over a straw, then tossed it in a storage tote a long time ago when I hadn't decided at the time how I'd finish it.  I just took a length of paracord, made a loop and lanyard knot to wrist size, then pulled that through the TH knot, and ran a little bit of needle/thread through each end to keep it in place over the paracord.